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A Map Of A Different Variety

December 4, 2009

The world of weddings changes pretty rapidly when it comes to trends. With each new wedding season there are new ideas and styles that can become very popular among brides. Some examples of this include candy buffets, colored shoes, feather hair fascinators and wedding maps.

In the case of wedding maps even if you didn’t originally have one for your wedding day it doesn’t mean that you are out of luck! My best friend Holly got married in 2005. Her and her husband met and got married in the same town. I created a wedding map for her that acts as more of a keepsake piece to remember their courtship and marriage in the form of a map.

I know that she was very pleased with how her map came out and planned to frame it as a new memory and keepsake of their relationship. It is such a great joy to be able to capture the moments and memories for my clients in pieces like this.



December 2, 2009

When you are trying to create an identity for yourself in the commercial market is seems like a common first step would be to create a business card.

Get that name out there.

As luck would have it I was visiting one of the design blogs, Design (  that I follow on my Google Reader and they were doing a free business card deal with I checked out’s website ( and really liked what I saw. They had reasonable prices, templates pre-made so you could design to their printing specifications and an easy process. I applied for the contest but was already thinking about purchasing business cards from them in case I didn’t win. I’ve never won a contest or freebie before in my life so I wasn’t going to get too far ahead of myself in this case.

Lo and behold I did win!

And as I had suspected in checking out’s site it was a very easy and satisfying experience. I firmly believe that I will be doing work with them again and felt like I needed to pass the good experience forward to others.  Here is a peek at my new business cards:

The cards actually have round corners and stand vertical. I’m very pleased how it all turned out!

Gainesville Fruit Company

December 1, 2009

I can’t remember how I found the Gainesville Fruit Company ( but I know that it was during the time that I was living in Gainesville. I really love the style of these prints.



















Anyone that has lived in Gainesville or lives in Gainesville knows these images as part of the great symbols that help to make up Gainesville.  Now that I am living in St. Louis it reminds me of my days in Gainesville and I plan on purchasing a couple prints to display in our home to help us to remember our days back in good ol’ G-ville. Go Gators!

Be Brave.

October 27, 2009

A quote that is really speaking to me right now. Be-bRave

First Client

October 22, 2009

Before I got married I wasn’t really all that interested in weddings. I liked to come up with color palette ideas for the wedding, which changed frequently, but otherwise I wasn’t very interested in the whole wedding process. After planning my own wedding I have learned and seen the light. I loved designing our wedding invitation suite and love when I get a thick envelope in the mail that is a friend or family members wedding invitation. I designed an invitation suite for my brother and future sister in law. It was a lot of fun.  The names have been changed to protect their identity.

I know that they were happy with the final product which always makes me very happy. As a designer I really love the feeling of interpreting someone’s vision and creating it on paper.

Hello world!

August 4, 2009

Wonderland Papers, coming soon!