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December 2, 2009

When you are trying to create an identity for yourself in the commercial market is seems like a common first step would be to create a business card.

Get that name out there.

As luck would have it I was visiting one of the design blogs, Design (  that I follow on my Google Reader and they were doing a free business card deal with I checked out’s website ( and really liked what I saw. They had reasonable prices, templates pre-made so you could design to their printing specifications and an easy process. I applied for the contest but was already thinking about purchasing business cards from them in case I didn’t win. I’ve never won a contest or freebie before in my life so I wasn’t going to get too far ahead of myself in this case.

Lo and behold I did win!

And as I had suspected in checking out’s site it was a very easy and satisfying experience. I firmly believe that I will be doing work with them again and felt like I needed to pass the good experience forward to others.  Here is a peek at my new business cards:

The cards actually have round corners and stand vertical. I’m very pleased how it all turned out!

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